Wooden Sandbox by Creative Cedar

Octagon Wooden Cedar Sand Box with Seat Boards


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  • I was satisfied with the quality of materials; I found no cracks or damage in the boards and no missing pieces
  • Putting the sandbox together was surprisingly easy
  • Once it's put together, the final product is very sturdy and looks good
  • Comes with a plastic cover and base which are solid bonuses
  • The cedar has a nice smell. I've read it can be good to keep bugs away...that aspect is to be determined


  • The plastic cover/tarp does not stay secured to the sandbox well. I highly recommend investing in some velcro adhesive strips
  • The fabric/plastic base tarp is a nice touch to go underneath the sand, but it does rip pretty easily

We purchased this sandbox for our kids recently and there is quite a lot to like about it. First and foremost in my mind from a parent perspective, I love how easy this was to put together. The materials all arrived to us undamaged, which admittedly is sometimes just a confluence of good fortune between the manufacturer, seller, and shipping handler/company. The sandbox itself is in the shape of an octagon, with logical repeating thick and thin board patterns that lock together. I used a Dewalt Cordless Screwdriver (my household assembly MVP) for the screws. It was a pretty quick assembly overall.

The boards, by the way, are real cedar and have a nice smell to them. Hopefully the cedar fragrance keeps pests away to some extent – I will update this review in the spring/summer if I notice anything on that front. After assembly, everything seems very sturdy. The size and shape are perfect for two kids to play while sitting inside it. So far, I’ve been really satisfied with this purchase. It also comes with a bottom liner and a top plastic cover, which is a really nice touch. The bottom liner is pretty easy to tear, but it’s good to at least have something to put the sand on. And the top cover is decent enough, but does not stay on very well (more on that below).

A few potentially helpful modifications: I read online the recommendation to staple the bottom liner to the sandbox wood to keep it in place. I did not do this, and am somewhat glad I didn’t, because I ended up moving the sandbox and it was easier to displace the sand without the liner attached. Another thing I read, which I definitely recommend, is buying some 3M velcro strips to secure the cover. This helps immensely! The last thing; we have a small backyard with a slope, so I ended up placing bricks on the down-slope side of the sandbox, then filling a couple bags of dirt around the bricks. My kids didn’t care, but I didn’t like the look of a sandbox tilted.

Overall, this sandbox was a great purchase. There were a few others I examined, but this is one instance where I have zero buyer’s remorse or doubt about making the best choice.

Manufacturer Description:

ThemeOutdoor Sandbox
Item Dimensions LxWxH84 x 78 x 9 inches
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE SANDBOX KIT: The perfect DIY sandbox engineered with our “slot system” for quick and easy assembly. Only tool required is a standard Phillips screwdriver and anyone can do it. No need to be handy or good with tools! Kit includes all panels & hardware, eco-friendly ground liner, eco-friendly top cover, and instructions. Does not include sand.
  • REAL CEDAR SANDBOX IS NATURAL & BEAUTIFUL IN BACKYARD: (L) 84″ X 78″ (W) x 9″ (H). 3/4″ thick cedar panels hold up to 800 pounds of sand when assembled. Cedar timbers and green sandbox cover blend into any backyard play setting.
  • SMOOTH CEDAR WOOD PANELS & WIDE SEATS ARE COMFORTABLE & BUILT TO LAST YEARS: Naturally resistant cedar wood is perfectly smooth & features our special “eased edges” for maximum smoothness to the touch. Water-based stain is eco-friendly, bringing out and preserving natural cedar color that lasts. Engineered to remain sturdy and durable for a playtime solution that lasts through your child’s younger years.
  • FUN FOR AGE 18 MONTHS & OVER: Transform any backyard or outside play area into a space where toddlers and children can socialize, entertain and explore. Large enough for multiple children to play at same time.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY TOP COVER & GROUND COVER KEEP OUT WEEDS: Weed-suppressant textile sheet allows for drainage and easy upkeep of your backyard sand box. Durable, eco-friendly polyethylene sandbox cover goes on in seconds to prevent excess moisture and unwanted animals.
Model Name‎Creative Cedar Designs Octagon Wooden Sandbox 6.5′ x 6.5′
Suggested Users‎2-10
Number of Items‎1
Manufacturer‎Creative Cedar Designs — Dropship
Part Number‎7120
Included Components‎Sandbox kit includes necessary panels & hardware, ground liner & top cover, and instructions for how to build a sandbox – does not include sand box sand

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