Treva Bug Repellent Fan

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  • To my surprise, it does work as advertised. Bugs mostly stay away, even with delicious food outdoors. If a fly comes around, it doesn't stay long
  • It's fairly inexpensive, so the value is solid
  • The fan blades are durable and can withstand some knocking around
  • The blades are also very soft. Even a small child touching them is not a big deal
  • Battery life is good. We've used it extensively and are still on the original batteries


  • The unit is not very portable - someone will have to carry it around if you don't have a full sized backpack
  • Availability is sporadic, as it comes in and out of stock often on Amazon

This bug repellent fan is one that actually surprised me a bit. I purchased it on a whim after my sister-in-law told us about a restaurant she went to that had these at every table on their patio. This was a purchase that I fully expected to be a waste of money. I figured I’d buy this, use it a couple of times, then stow it in a closet for years. I was very wrong! It actually seems to work as advertised. Apparently, flies are really not interested in this combination of motion and reflective tape.

Over the last month, my family and I have used it pretty extensively. We took it to the beach, used on the patio of a couple of restaurants, and use it outside in our backyard. In all instances, bugs have mostly stayed away from the area. At one restaurant, we had some flies that came around our food, but they didn’t stay to bug (yes I had to go for that pun) us for long. Despite my initial skepticism, I have to admit that this thing does actually keep them away. In addition to performing its function well, it’s also fairly durable. We’ve knocked this thing around like crazy, and it’s doing just fine.

There is a big downside though; it’s not very portable. Although it does fit in a backpack, it probably won’t fit in many purses. Basically, if you want to take this bug repellent fan with you to dinner, you’re going to have to carry it. This is a trade-off you get from having a simple, inexpensive design. Something collapsible that was more portable might also have more points of malfunction, and would surely be more expensive. Overall, it’s durable and inexpensive, but also bulky and sort of cheap looking. It’s a trade off for sure.

Manufacturer Description:

  • BANISH BUGS FROM YOUR AIRSPACE – With the Treva bug repellent fan, you can abandon smelly sprays, sticky flypaper and citronella candles for an eco-friendly chemical-free alternative. Quietly prevent flies & insects from interrupting your time
  • INSECTS AVOID THE REFLECTIVE PATTERN – Bugs avoid this fan and will refuse to fly anywhere near it. The holographic pattern on the blades bend the light (refraction) while spinning, creating an unnatural environment that insects fly away from.IT WORKS: The fan blades feature a reflective pattern that while in rotation, will refract or bend light, disorienting airborne insects. They see this disruption in light as a danger, and as such, will keep away from you and your food & beverages.
  • GENTLE SOFT-STOP FAN BLADES – These soft-touch, high-quality fan blades are intentionally flexible and anything but flimsy. Designed to immediately stop when they contact an object. Enjoy peace of mind without worrying about little hands getting hurt.
  • CONSTANT SPEED KEEPS AIR CLEAR – Just switch the fan on and get ready to enjoy the outdoors in pest-free peace and quiet. A constant blade speed keeps insects well out of range of the fan at all times. Order 2 or more fans to bug-proof larger square footage.
  • PORTABLE INSECT PROTECTION ANYWHERE – Battery-powered, lightweight and effortlessly portable, this environmentally friendly bug fan is perfect for grilling, picnics, BBQs, pool parties, 4th of July and entertaining guests on the porch, deck or patio.

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