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Spigen Thin Fit Samsung Galaxy S20 Case











  • The price fantastic, value is strong for the use I've gotten out of it
  • More durable than case as thin and inexpensive as this has a right to be. With a few of my drops, the case saved me from what I thought were surely going to result in cracks
  • Design is excellent; minimal, yet effective at protecting edges
  • Wireless charging still works with the case on
  • Open access to all ports, speakers, and buttons


  • There is a Spigen logo imprinted on the back. I don't notice it, but might be important to some
  • With a previous Spigen Thin Fit (Pixel 3), the case had a chemical smell when I got it. Washed with soap and it went away permanently. Also, didn't have that issue with other phone versions
  • It's unfortunately not magical, does not protect phone if the case is damaged

This review is broadly about Spigen’s “Thin Fit” smartphone case series, but I will also discuss the Samsung Galaxy S20 Thin Fit specifically. From the top I’ll say this to help you see how much I like these cases; by default, I use a Spigen Thin Fit for every phone. I originally started using one with my Google Nexus 5 like six years ago. With every new phone, I try other cases and always end up coming back to these.

I have a fairly counterproductive situation with my phone use tendencies. I do not like thick, heavy cases…but I am very hard on phones. I drop them quite often. So, to dislike Otterbox-style cases that will offer the best protection when I’m so clumsy with the phone is a tough place to be. Fortunately, these Spigen Thin Fit cases protect phones pretty well. They are, as the model name suggests, pretty minimal, but I’ve had good results with them.

I’ve used the Galaxy S20 version for about seven months and have probably dropped my phone almost once a month during that time. Most of the falls are either on wood floors or concrete usually from about waist high or lower (sometimes while I’m crouching down, so around a foot or two). The glass front has miraculously survived the drops so far, probably due to the well-designed edges and fit. The glass back has spider web cracks, but that’s a small price to pay for how many times I’ve dropped it. It’s always in a case anyway, so I really don’t ever see that nice-looking Galaxy S20 back material.

My previous phone was a Pixel 3, which was also covered by a Spigen Thin Fit. After one of many drops, one of the case edges broke off. The phone survived that incident, but unfortunately I did not get a new case. The next drop, I wasn’t so lucky; the damaged case wasn’t able to save me. If I had just spent another $10 to replace my case, I feel it’s likely I could have saved the phone. My point is, I have yet to have an instance where an uncompromised, intact Spigen could not keep my phone’s screen safe from any major damage.

Aside from how well this case series has handled my clumsiness, I love the minimalist design. It’s pretty basic looking and adds very little to the size of a smartphone. The texture has a hint of grip/mat finish to it; not enough to be too noticeable, but it’s at least not slick. Wireless charging also works through the case, so I very rarely have to remove it. Most USB-C flash drives that I have do not fit with the case on though, so if I need to copy something, the case does have to come off. I haven’t had similar issues with any USB-C chargers though. I should also mention, if it’s important to you, a small, subtle imprint of Spigen’s logo is on the back. So if brand imprints bother you, keep it in mind.

Overall, as you might expect, these cases get a pretty high rating here. And at the price? It’s an incredible value in my opinion.

Manufacturer Description:

Color: Black

  • Supports magnetic car mounts with its QNMP compatible slot *QNMP metal plate may disrupt wireless charging
  • Scratch resistant PC keeps the phone lightweight and pocket-friendly
  • Open buttons offer original click response and quick accessibility
  • Slim fit design keeps application and removal effortless
  • Galaxy S20 Case Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S20

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