Sky Bounce Ball 3 Pack

Sky Bounce Ball 3pk


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  • Great bounce to them
  • Perfect handball size for kids and adults
  • Quality seems good. We've used the balls almost every day for months, no change in condition or bounce
  • No noticeable/strong chemical smell. I was worried about that before buying. It just smells like a rubber ball.


  • Three pack contains random colors, so if your kids have a favorite, it's a roll of the dice
  • Trade-off of the excellent bounciness is that they can be easy to lose if you have no-go areas nearby

During the pandemic, as my family and I have spent a lot more time at home, the kids and I have been playing outside quite a bit. I figured we could use some small balls to throw around, so I started my search. I came across a pretty inexpensive three pack of balls sold by a company called Sky Bounce.

I wasn’t completely sure what to expect with these, but it turns out they were exactly what I envisioned. They are familiar-feeling handballs; smaller than a tennis ball, about two inches in diameter. I think it’s the same type I used to play “wall ball” with as a kid at recess. I’ve been really happy with how much bounce they have. The kids and I have been playing a game where we throw a ball onto the roof, then have to catch it after one bounce. Pretty fun, and these bouncy hand-sized balls are perfect for it.

The only negative, which is really on us rather than the seller/manufacturer, is that they can be easy to lose. We’ve lost two down sewer drains so far; I had to order another batch because I really don’t want to be without them when we play outside. With them only being $7-8 for three, fortunately, it’s not a big deal to get more. They also come in other patterns and even a 12 pack if you want to just get a bunch of them.

Manufacturer Description:

  • Assorted Colors
  • Size – 2″
  • Please note the picture shows the available colors. This item is sold as a 3 pack

Item Weight 2.40 Ounces
Brand Name 5Star-TD
Target Audience Keyword dogs
Country of Origin China
Manufacturer Sky Bounce
Part Number 072489032131
Model Number SG_B00345WST4_US

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  1. In hindsight, I sort of wish I’d purchased the 12 pack. We love these things and it’s a minor miracle we’ve only lost two so far

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