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Foothill Toy Company Matchbox Mice


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  • Both of my children became very attached to their matchbox mice
  • The kids incorporate both mice into a lot of their play, so they're apparently quite fun to play with
  • The quality seems high. No wear and tear yet after lots of use
  • The price fluctuates for each mouse version, but it's generally solid compared to Maileg Mice


  • Even though they're comparatively less expensive than other options, sometimes the price rises to $20 on Amazon
  • The mice vary slightly in size. Not a huge deal, but the kids did notice that

For Christmas one year, my sister got my youngest kid a Maileg Matchbox Mouse. This was a surprisingly big hit that year. My oldest wanted one to, so we tried to find them online, but every retailer was either out of stock or the mice were like $50. After some research, I found Foothill Toy Company’s version of the Matchbook Mouse. We checked it out online together and she liked the looks of it, so we grabbed one for less than $15.

Eventually, the little one lost her Maileg Mouse, so we let her pick out a Foothill Toy Co. version too. Now, both of them love their little Matchbook Mice and still treasure them quite a bit. They became favorites for both and a part of regular playtime. The matchbooks are basically the mouse beds; they come with a pillow, blanket, and I think even a mattress. The kids love to put their little mice to bed.

You never know what your kid is going to actually play with, and these ended up being big victories. Aside from that mysterious “my kid loves it” quality, the mice themselves are pretty durable and well made. They’re a bit larger than the Maileg versions, but not too much. Ours have been played with quite a bit and don’t really have any wear and tear that I can see.

Manufacturer Description:

Delight your little boy or girl with a Matchbox Mouse playset they will be sure to cherish. Each comes with a small plush mouse doll wearing a removable outfit, as well as a matching miniature blanket and pillow that nestle neatly inside the vintage-themed matchbox.

Made to foster creativity through pretend play, Matchbox Mice reflect Foothill Toy Co’s philosophy that simple toys create the purest joy.

  • MEET THE MATCHBOX MICE & TOOTH FAIRIES – Watch your little one’s eyes light up when she slides open the box to find a sweet little mouse asleep in its bed; Each playset contains a stuffed animal mouse in a soft fabric outfit, and a blanket and pillow set in coordinated colors; Our Tooth Fairy sets include a drawstring keepsake pouch to store lost teeth that the mice can wear as a backpack
  • THE MAGIC OF CHILDHOOD – More than meets the eye, each Foothill Toy Co. playset is an invitation to a world where anything is possible; Vintage-inspired dolls encourage imagination and the sort of make-believe play many parents will remember from their own childhoods
  • MARK THEIR MILESTONES – Matchbox Mice make a perfect keepsake gift for special moments in your child’s life; When he loses his first tooth, the Tooth Fairy takes the form of a friendly mouse; When she graduates to a big kid bed, ease the transition with a bedtime buddy she can tuck in at night
  • A GIFT-ABLE, TRAVEL FRIENDLY TOY – Packaged in a beautiful, reusable box, these pocket-size mice easily tag along on trips; Whether given as a birthday gift or an extra-special stocking stuffer, Matchbox and Tooth Fairy Mice are sure to earn a place among your child’s most cherished toys
  • MADE TO DELIGHT AND INSPIRE – Foothill Toy Company crafts timeless treasures that kindle the imagination; Inspired by the classic toys of times past, our aim is to deliver the magic of childhood, one Matchbox Mouse at a time

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