Maileg Mouse in a Box

Maileg Mouse in a Box


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  • Although my kids became attached to both the Maileg and Foothill mouse toys, the Maileg versions tend to end up on car trips or in their beds more often
  • The kids incorporate both mice into a lot of their play, so they're apparently quite fun to play with
  • The quality seems high. No wear and tear yet after lots of use
  • The character sizes are more consistent than the Foothill Toys versions
  • There is a somewhat premium feel to them (but is it worth the added price?)


  • The price is really high considering what you're getting - a very small toy mouse in a box
  • At times, they can be hard to find. Just after Christmas, we had trouble finding them

Not long ago, my sister bought one of my kids a Maileg Matchbox Mouse. This was a surprisingly big hit at that year’s Christmas. Due to limited stock, we’ve had to substitute a similar item at times for the kids (Foothill Toys Matchbox Mouse). Both the Maileg and Foothill versions basically consist of a little toy mouse with a matchbook bed; they come with a pillow, blanket, and a mattress. The Maileg mice are a bit smaller and look slightly different, but otherwise, they are fairly similar at a basic level.

I’ve previously reviewed the Foothill Toys version of this item; it’s very well made and reasonably priced. Objectively, from an adult’s perspective, the Foothill Toys version seems to be superior based on the fact that the products are so similar and the Maileg versions are so much more expensive ($30 versus roughly $15). Kids don’t operate on that grown-up logic though! Although the Foothill Toys mice are still important to the kids and played with often, I can’t help but notice those Maileg mice more often end up on car trips and in bed. I’m not sure if it’s that they’re just smaller and easier to stash, or if it’s something else.

As for the specifics on the Maileg Mice, they are very well made. As with the Foothill Toy versions, the kids play with them constantly and they somehow haven’t sustained any damage or noticeable wear. I’m impressed by the quality for sure. For little cloth stuffed dolls, they seem durable. As I mentioned, the kids love them which is probably the most important factor. The biggest downside to the Maileg Mouse in a Box is the price. Buying directly from the Maileg website, most of the mice are around $27-30, with some even more expensive. Buying from a reseller though, they’re even higher; prices on Amazon are often $50 or more! Seems really high for a small little mouse in a box.

There seems to be a “premium product” factor in play here, that apparently kids can pick up on to some extent. And I think Maileg is the originator of the “mouse-in-the-box” toy thing, so maybe they just have this down. I don’t recommend buying Maileg from Amazon or other resellers due to the price mark-up. If you want to get these for your kids, I’d recommend signing up for Maileg’s email list to get a coupon discount code, then buying directly from the Maileg site.

Note: Links to Amazon in this review do not go to Maileg brand toys – they are not currently available via Amazon. I think currently the primary way to get these in the US is directly from Maileg:

Manufacturer Description:

Maileg is a Danish design brand of children’s toys.

Maileg ApS was established in Denmark in 1999 by Dorthe & Erik Mailil. Global Headquarters is located in Herning, Denmark.

Maileg North America Inc. was established in 2008 by Hanne & Lars Andersen and Dorthe & Erik Mailil.

North American headquarters is located in Atlanta, GA.

Maileg’s story making collection has a unique, authentic look and touch created by designer Dorthe Mailil.

Our philosophy is a well-made, adorable toy that will last. Our toys are always limited release and will become collectibles. We believe children thrive with simpler toys rather than plastic. Fewer, better made toys open their minds to new stories and innovative ways to play which will serve them well thru life.

Maileg toys are shared, cherished and played with by children of all ages, and handed down for generations.

Maileg is pronounced like ‘My Lie’. It’s a hard one to guess right:)

USD 27,00

Product details
Item number : 16-0722-01
Height : 3,94 in
Washing instruction: 30 C
Material: COTTON

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  1. Mary Brown

    Very disappointed to discover that Maileg products are only designed in Denmark but made in China.

    1. Were you able to find manufacturing info on their website? I tried to dig around a bit, but couldn’t find anything specific. I did see that the other competitor I reviewed (Foothill) were made in China. Although, I guess quite a few toys are nowadays eh?

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