Knockoff Foldable Smartphone Stand

Foldable Portable Smartphone Stand/Tripod











  • I really can't think of any pros, it's really not a good product
  • I guess it's a good price, but it doesn't work, so it's a bad value


  • Flimsy and very easy to break. It's a poorly made product
  • The plastic is very cheap
  • The cards moving/folding action relies on a single, weak pivot point. So beyond the disappointing materials, I'm not sure if the design is stable
  • Really a junk product. I can't say that enough.

I originally bought this on a whim based on an Instagram ad. I normally don’t click ads, so I’m not sure what came over me this time. It’s basically a credit card sized smartphone stand that unfolds from its card form. It’s like a little Transformer robot, but so much worse. The general idea seems sound to me, but the implementation is poor in this case. In defense of the concept, it seems I bought a cheap knock-off and there is an authentic version sold by

I purchased my version of this from a company called Adecolaid, which apparently changed its name to Ochoana. They gave me free shipping on a $10 item for a first time customer…but it took about a month to get to me. When I received it, I found my foldable card stand to be missing pieces. It was also incredibly flimsy and easy to break. Honestly, I can’t fathom how it could even be used in daily life. It’s that poorly made. I was even motivated to make a YouTube video showing this thing in action, which I pop in below:

So yeah…this one is not good. I definitely do not recommend it. I’ve linked what appears to be the same item available on Amazon. Based on the reviews, it seems others have had about the same impression I have. Also, I think all of these listings (including the one I bought) are cheap knock-offs of this product: Maybe someday I’ll try what appears to be the original version from pocket-tripod because I do like the idea behind it.

As you can see above, there are a ton of these on Amazon. But I recommend not buying any of these knock-offs. It’s sometimes fun to read bad reviews though, so I’ve got links to some popular ones here for pure entertainment purposes.

Manufacturer Description:

  • Not even going to share the manufacturer descriptions. They don’t do any of the things they claim anyway.
  • If you actually bought one of these and realized how terrible it is, see if PayPal or your credit card company will refund your money.

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