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Sky Bounce Ball 3 Pack9.8$7.89BuyKids
Matchbox Mouse by Foothill Toys9.4$15.99BuyKids
Wooden Sandbox by Creative Cedar9.3$133.99BuyKids
Car Backseat Organizer9.3$21.99BuyKids
Maileg Mouse in a Box9.1$27.00BuyKids
Lumipets Animal Night Light8.8$21.99BuyKids
YoFun Mermaid Night Light8.3$16.98BuyKids

The most recent reviews:

  • Wooden Sandbox by Creative Cedar
    We purchased this sandbox for our kids recently and there is quite a lot to like about it. First and foremost in my mind from a parent perspective, I love how easy this was to put together. The materials all arrived to us undamaged, which admittedly is sometimes just a confluence of good fortune between…
  • YoFun Mermaid Night Light
    We recently received the YoFun Mermaid Night Light for my oldest daughter’s birthday. Both kids are in a major mermaid phase, partially brought on by a cartoon they love called H2O. They are also really into “DIY” (as they call it) and various crafts, so this build-your-own-mermaid kit was a perfect gift. The quality of…
  • Maileg Mouse in a Box
    Not long ago, my sister bought one of my kids a Maileg Matchbox Mouse. This was a surprisingly big hit at that year’s Christmas. Due to limited stock, we’ve had to substitute a similar item at times for the kids (Foothill Toys Matchbox Mouse). Both the Maileg and Foothill versions basically consist of a little…
  • Car Backseat Organizer
    We originally bought this car backseat organizer for our primary family travel car to hold the kids’ tablets during long car rides. It does work well for that, but it’s turned into a much more useful storage solution. the kids now store various car ride treasures, sunglasses, snack bags, drinks, etc. It’s become far more…
  • Lumipets Animal Night Light
    We’ve been using our two Lumipets as kid night lights for over a year now with pretty good results. One of the kids is very attached to hers and uses it every night, the other doesn’t care too much about it. They’re basically soft, cute animal night lights with a nice array of light and…
  • Sky Bounce Ball 3 Pack
    During the pandemic, as my family and I have spent a lot more time at home, the kids and I have been playing outside quite a bit. I figured we could use some small balls to throw around, so I started my search. I came across a pretty inexpensive three pack of balls sold by…
  • Matchbox Mouse by Foothill Toys
    For Christmas one year, my sister got my youngest kid a Maileg Matchbox Mouse. This was a surprisingly big hit that year. My oldest wanted one to, so we tried to find them online, but every retailer was either out of stock or the mice were like $50. After some research, I found Foothill Toy…