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Steam Controller9.6$49.99BuyGames
Elder Scrolls V Skyrim9.6$25.25BuyGames
Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen9.4$29.99BuyGames
Persona 4 Golden9.3$21.24BuyGames
Ni No Kuni Wrath Of The White Witch9.1$29.50BuyGames
South Park The Stick of Truth8.8$7.19BuyGames
Age of Empires II7.9$17.24BuyGames

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  • Steam Controller
    Right off the top: This is probably going to be a frustrating review to read. The reason is that I’m going to review the somewhat recently discontinued Steam Controller by Valve. So, yeah…reviewing something that is hard to buy now is one thing. But the other frustrating thing is that the Steam Controller is amazing.…
  • Persona 4 Golden
    I grew up playing turn-based RPGs, starting with the original Final Fantasy on the NES. I’ve always had a nostalgic fondness for the genre. I’ve found over time though, the specific turn-based combat style has not held up well compared to action (ex. Dragon Age) and strategic (ex. Pillars of Eternity) RPGs. Very few modern…
  • South Park The Stick of Truth
    Despite being a fairly short game, South Park: The Stick of Truth surprised me by how fun it was to play. It’s based to some extent on the fantasy genre personas the kids in the show adopted in the classic episodes The Return of the Fellowship and Make Love Not Warcraft. You create a custom,…
  • Age of Empires II
    I can’t believe I still come back to this game from time to time. Age of Empires II, for those unfamiliar, is a real time strategy game that first came out in 1999 that involves building a kingdom and battling other civilizations. I played it a fair amount back then; I wasn’t a huge PC…
  • Kenshi
    Kenshi is basically a game about survival and choice. It’s a true sandbox game, in that you can do pretty much whatever you want. You select a starting scenario, which sets you up with varying levels of money, friends, equipment, and locations. Then you’re dropped right into the world as a pathetic weakling at the…
  • Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
    Considering the fact that I’ve played Elder Scrolls V Skyrim so much, and purchased so many DLCs and editions, I guess I have to say I love Skyrim. You can’t have played a game for hundreds of hours total and not admit it’s one of your favorite games of all time. But the game does…
  • Ashen
    I’m one of a specific type when it comes to this game. I’ve been waiting for it for a long time, but refused to spread out my game library across another store/platform. So I had to wait for a year for it to come to Steam. Now that it’s here, I bought it. The game…
  • Ni No Kuni Wrath Of The White Witch
    My long term fondness for certain games is often driven by memories associated with them. For example, some of the old SNES RPGs like Final Fantasy III and Secret of Mana trigger positive memories from my childhood. Wrath of the White Which reminds me of some tough life events I worked through, so it’s a…
  • Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen
    I’ll get this out of the way from the top; Dragon’s Dogma is one of my favorite games of all time. But it’s not without flaws. The combat is phenomenal and is what I wish other games in the genre would use as a template for their combat systems. The skill setup, classes, and gear…