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Dr. Pepper Cream Soda9.6$4.99BuyFood
Cadbury British Chocolate Bars9.5$19.99BuyFood
Ice Breakers Cinnamon Mints8.9$12.11BuyFood
Portland Ketchup Company Organic Ketchup8.6$22.47BuyFood
Cinnamon Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars8.1$4.27BuyFood

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  • Cinnamon Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars
    I’m generally a fan of Nature Valley’s crunchy granola bars. I switch between peanut butter, maple, and oats and honey periodically, but it’s often my go-to choice for an easy breakfast along with my morning coffee. Probably not the healthiest thing in the world to eat everyday, but it does the job of being easy…
  • Cadbury British Chocolate Bars
    I’ve only been to the United Kingdom once; I went with my wife as part of our honeymoon. She had visited London before and told me about how amazing the chocolate is. I believed her, but just assumed it was “better.” Once we got there and I tried some, I realized “better” is not quite…
  • Dr. Pepper Cream Soda
    I’ll start this review with a caveat; I already love Dr. Pepper. I also generally like all of the major brands, including Coke, Pepsi, and the aforementioned Doctor. Dr. Pepper occasionally releases limited edition flavors, which in my experience are usually really excellent. One of the recent ones, Dark Berry Dr. Pepper, was absolutely incredible.…
  • Ice Breakers Cinnamon Mints
    These mints are dangerous because it’s hard to eat just one or two. For some reason, cinnamon is a somewhat uncommon flavor for mints. The path that lead me to these Ice Breakers brand started with Tic Tacs; I had a random memory of a cinnamon-flavored Tic Tac that I couldn’t shake. I tried to…
  • Portland Ketchup Company Organic Ketchup
    I would recommend not ever trying this ketchup. I’ve always been a heavy ketchup user, and somewhat recently tried the Portland Ketchup Company version of the red stuff during a trip to Oregon. During the trip, I was absolutely amazed at how robust this ketchup is. I just didn’t know ketchup could have such an…