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Mission Belt Canvas Ratchet Belt9.5$36.95BuyClothing
Amazon Buttoned Down Classic Fit Dress Shirt9.5$28.20BuyClothing
Tommy Hilfiger Performance Bomber Jacket9.5$89.99BuyClothing
FlipBelt Zipper Running Belt9.3$34.99BuyClothing
JointlyCreating Water Shoes9.2$24.95BuyClothing
Hanes Men’s Sweatpants8.6$13.50BuyClothing

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  • JointlyCreating Water Shoes
    Recently, my family and I took a trip to the beach. A few weeks ahead of the trip, I engaged in a somewhat lengthy search for a new pair of water shoes. I wanted something that 1) was relatively inexpensive, 2) didn’t look too goofy, and 3) was reasonably comfortable since I’d probably be wearing…
  • Mission Belt Canvas Ratchet Belt
    Every once in a while, you just happen to stumble onto some new knowledge that makes a huge impact on your day-to-day life. Finding out about ratchet belts was one of those “lightbulb on” moments for me. I’ve long struggled with belts and sizing, even going as far as buying a leather punch to add…
  • FlipBelt Zipper Running Belt
    Have you ever considered buying a fanny pack for running, but avoiding doing so because of how the look (and what people might think of you)? I definitely have. The thought actually crossed my mind enough to compel me to start researching “fanny packs that don’t look like fanny packs.” One result I came across…
  • Amazon Buttoned Down Classic Fit Dress Shirt
    Months ago, I was in the market to stock up on dress shirts. First, I searched around for my usual go-to dress shirt brands Croft & Barrow, J Crew, and Van Heusen. I bounced to the usual retailer sites, but couldn’t really find any good deals. Eventually, I found myself on Amazon browsing through what…
  • Tommy Hilfiger Performance Bomber Jacket
    About 10 years ago, I had a jacket that I absolutely loved that has long since been discontinued. It was a four pocket, medium thickness, vaguely bomber/military style jacket that was mostly a polyester outer shell with some cotton styling around the collar, sleeves, and bottom. Somewhat recently, I went on a quest to find…
  • Hanes Men’s Sweatpants
    Recently, I decided to start sharing clothing reviews on on this site in addition to the game, gadgets, and other items. As with the other items, I think I have a unique perspective I can provide, as someone who sometimes struggles to find a good fit. Given all the staying at home we’re doing, I…