Cadbury British Chocolate Bars

Cadbury British Chocolate Bars











  • Real British chocolate!
  • Taste is in another league from regular U.S. chocolate. I can't emphasize enough how the U.S. is getting robbed on the chocolate front
  • Free shipping from the U.K. somehow
  • Outside of the amazing flavor, the packing and bar names are kind of a novelty for an American


  • It might melt because it's coming from so far away. Small price to pay in my opinion
  • One of the bars had raisins in it, which is candy (and cookie) blasphemy
  • It's possible eating these will leave you disappointed with standard U.S. chocolate selections

I’ve only been to the United Kingdom once; I went with my wife as part of our honeymoon. She had visited London before and told me about how amazing the chocolate is. I believed her, but just assumed it was “better.” Once we got there and I tried some, I realized “better” is not quite correct. Chocolate overseas almost isn’t the same product; it’s creamy and incredibly flavorful. By comparison, the chocolate we get in American candy bars is so very bland. I honestly didn’t think the difference would be so pronounced.

Fast forward a decade or so. For a recent holiday, my wife ordered a box of 10 Cadbury British chocolate bars from Amazon. What a gift! These were (past tense because they are long-since eaten) legitimate U.K. chocolates; all the amazing flavor I remember was there. When I asked her more about where she got them, they’re easily purchasable on Amazon for about $20 with free shipping somehow. I’m fairly amazed that’s even possible.

I highly recommend these. Although the flip side is, if you’re a fan of chocolate, these might ruin you on what’s available in the U.S.

I think everything I’ve linked here is specifically British imported chocolate. I would recommend making sure in the product description and reviews though before you buy. Make sure you get the real stuff!

Manufacturer Description:

  • A ‘Great British Treats’ selection box of 10 of the top selling Cadbury British chocolate bars
  • You will receive all the chocolate bars in the ‘Great British Treats’ presentation box as pictured – guaranteed.
  • All chocolate bars are full size UK products – not the smaller multi-pack bars
  • Shipped direct from the UK
  • Taste the difference of British chocolate

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