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Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils9.8$54.97 BuyArt
Itoya Original Art Profolio9.5$15.49 BuyArt
Colored Pencil Extenders9.4$10.97BuyArt
Figma Archetype Next Figure9.1$49.99BuyArt
Lamicall Flexible Arm Gooseneck Phone Mount9.0$24.99BuyArt
Fugetek Smartphone Tripod8.9$26.99BuyArt

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  • Figma Archetype Next Figure
    This review is primarily about authentic Figma Archetype Next branded models…but I will also talk a bit about the extremely widespread bootleg versions that are readily found on sites like Ebay and Amazon. The real, Figma-branded drawing models in the Archetype Next line are quite excellent. Available in either the “He” or “She” varieties, they…
  • Itoya Original Art Profolio
    These art portfolios are listed at retailers by quite a few name variations, so I actually had some difficulty figuring out a correct title. Itoya is always the brand, but they may be called some variation of “The Original” or “Original Profolio” with other modifiers like presentation book, portfolio, and art book. Regardless of the…
  • Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils
    In my other online life outside of writing reviews, I’m an amateur portrait artist. My primary medium is colored pencils, which I use a heavy blending style with thickly-layered color to try to achieve an almost paint-like effect. To avoid that “sketchy” pencil, I need a pencil with a relatively soft wax core. A softer…
  • Lamicall Flexible Arm Gooseneck Phone Mount
    As I’ve mentioned in a few other reviews, my primary hobby is drawing colored pencil portraits. For years, I shared still images looped together as .gif files to show drawing progressions. Eventually, I decided to get with the times and created a YouTube channel to share these progressions through video instead. Figuring out how to…
  • Colored Pencil Extenders
    In my other online life outside of writing reviews, I’m actually an amateur portrait artist. One of the best inexpensive purchases I’ve made in that art world has been these pencil extenders. The product itself is fairly simple; they are hard plastic tubes topped with metal caps. You can insert a pencil of any length,…
  • Fugetek Smartphone Tripod
    I’m an artist by hobby and, during all the recent coronavirus home quarantine time, I decided to create a YouTube channel to share some artwork progression videos. I have no professional equipment or videography expertise, so I needed a tripod I could use with my smartphone. After a bit of research, I came across Fugetek’s…